Our outdoor oasis is curated for the adventurous & nature oriented.



The center of this space is our cedar wood-fired tub crafted by Forest Cooperage in Sooke BC Canada. Enjoy a fresh-water soak, heated to 98° - 104° by our most ancient methods of ingenuity; harnessing the power of fire. Soaks are chemical-free. All reservation requests go through a process of approval.

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SEASONAL Sensory mix


Palo Santo

Fraser Fir Soy Wax

Spicy Ginger Tea

Honey Cacao-Maca

Organic Cotton

Waffle Towels & Robes

The entire experience was sensory-rich and I felt deeply submerged into the calmness of my surroundings. Imagine soaking in a hot bath, sipping your favorite cup of tea, deep in the middle of a pacific northwest state park- that you managed to have all to yourself...

Chas Thompson Thomas

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Hideout búho is located in West salem, oregon.