My name is AshlieRené.

I am an Oregon based outdoor lifestyle and adventure focused photographer and videographer, experienced in working with a vast array of subject matter. My favorite settings for photography have involved cage diving with great white sharks by boat, off the island of Guadalupe, Mexico and overland expeditions through Oregon's Owyhee canyons. Every opportunity I have to work among wildlife on land and at sea is much of the reason I do what I do in the first place. For me, there is a no more eye-opening experience than being face to face with our brother and sister animals. That realization came to me in imagery and I wish to be a part of bringing that mind-altering experience to others. In my work, I strive for improvement by perhaps the hour. There is no image I create that I can't reflect on how I will do it better next time. For me, this mindset is everything to what I have accomplished thus far and where I hope to go.

The woo-free realism

of content creation.

I value communication, openness, humor, organization, professionalism and realism. My philosophy on imagery– do you want to hear my philosophy on imagery? Get over the woo-artist's mystifying tales of creativity. We are simple creatures, really. That entertain, create and innovate within the ever-evolving arena of our emotions, culture and society. We seek inspiration, motivation, guidance, virtues, rebellion, freedom, expression, new ideas and certainly much beyond that. Both the truths and myths of our humanity will continue to point our innovations, brands, industries and marketing in the directions they inevitably carry. My place in all of it is to be observant, ambitious and forward thinking. And to never stop learning.

Imagery Calls Attention

Today, as a brand, it isn't much of a choice whether to participate in high quality content creation or not. It is becoming expected and you're seemingly behind if you haven't noticed. I enjoy the process of creating attention-calling still and moving imagery from start to end. And beyond my own enjoyments in planning, shooting, post processing stills and footage and watching the final product unfold as its very first viewer, the thrill that I receive bouncing back at me off my clients thank-you emails is a feeling I embrace with much gratitude.

My goals are to understand, communicate and deliver. Repeat.