My name is AshlieRené

I am a brand, travel and wildlife focused photographer and videographer, experienced in working with a vast array of subject matter. I enjoy being versatile in capability and experience; It keeps my work interesting, improving and evolving. Connecting with unique organizations and people around the world is a life-changing pleasure that I invest in daily– don't hesitate to reach out and say hello.

Industry Experience:

TECHNOLOGY, NON-PROFIT, LUXURY, CONSERVATION, CONSUMER, travel, service, architecture, sports


The Peruvian Amazon

"I’m seeking to experience life and our unique planet as fully as I can, utilizing the technological fruits of advancement built by the creativity of humans that came before us. I’m humbled to admit - none of what I do today could be possible without it."
–From my interview with Pixieset

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Where are you traveling next?

Peru, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Costa Rica and Baja Ca Sur.

What gear are you working with?

I'm a Sony Alpha shooter. A few A1's and an A7S3 make up my current camera body family.

What are your turnaround capabilities?

Rapid. When requested- within an hour of shooting or overnight. 20,000+ hours of building and refining a skill has created a process that I can "perform in my sleep." After twelve years of capturing imagery, I love what I do a little more each day.

Will you shoot weddings?

I shot weddings for 8 years pre-2018. I am now a full-time commercial and brand photographer and videographer. For the right one, in the right place, I'd be happy to consider capturing yours.

Imagery Calls Attention

Today, as a brand or business, high quality imagery is a necessity; It's become a powerful eye-catching indicator of reputability and brand-status. I enjoy the process of creating attention-calling still and moving imagery from start to finish. Beyond the enjoyment in planning, shooting and post processing stills and footage, the thrill that I receive bouncing back at me off my clients thank-you emails is a feeling I embrace with much gratitude.