My name is AshlieRené

I am an Oregon based brand, travel and wildlife focused photographer and videographer, experienced in working with a vast array of subject matter. Though I have my strong focus areas, I am extremely versatile in range of capability and experience– It keeps my work interesting and constantly improving. I enjoy connecting with organizations, brands and people around the world. Sharing common interests, skills and ambitions is my happy place– don't hesitate to reach out and say hello.


Baja Ca Sur, Mexico

Creating harmonious relationships with brands, organizations and companies that overlap with my passion for exploration, discovery and conservation wildly excites me.

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Where are you traveling next?

Peru, Italy, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Costa Rica, Maldives and Baja Ca Sur.

What gear are you working with?

I'm a Sony Alpha shooter. A few A1's and an A7S3 make up my current camera body family.

What are your turnaround capabilities?

Rapid. When requested- within an hour of shooting or overnight. 20,000+ hours of building and refining a skill has created a process that I can "perform in my sleep." After twelve years of crafting imagery, I love what I do a little more each day.

Will you shoot weddings?

I shot weddings for 8 years of my early career. I am now a full-time commercial and brand photographer and videographer. But for the right one, in the right place, I'd be happy to consider capturing yours. Don't be afraid to inquire about your destination-wedding dreams.

Imagery Calls Attention

Today, as a brand or business, high quality imagery is a necessity; It's become a powerful eye-catching indicator of reputability and brand-status. I enjoy the process of creating attention-calling still and moving imagery from start to finish. Beyond the enjoyment in planning, shooting and post processing stills and footage, the thrill that I receive bouncing back at me off my clients thank-you emails is a feeling I embrace with much gratitude.