My great takeaway from all I’ve learned in recent months: The root is the target.

Daily life involves problem-solving. We can take cues and clues from the symptoms at the surface of things but true investigation and resolution requires a vested interest, an inspired passion, in shoveling through what appears to be an intimidating mass of never-ending systems. The route, familiar or unfamiliar, involves a commitment to valuing the findings that make us uncomfortable; force us to extend our search efforts and re-evaluate what we thought we already knew. In business, family and social life, health and wellbeing; the tireless pursuance for the origins of our ailments takes the winning prize. A method for problem-solving that wholly ameliorates our troubles at hand; by fostering the ability to investigate and take action. If we aren’t searching for the root; devoted to genuine resolution, we are papering over the rot. 



- What are my obvious biases?

- What are my emotional responses to exploring my bias?

- What kind of cognitive dissonance might I maintain?

- Why do I believe my current leading theory?

- Do I know how to identify my inherent blind spots?

- To what extent do I favor convenient/surface level answers/solutions?

- Do or have these answers wholly resolved the problem?

- How do I test the legitimacy of seemingly convenient answers?

- Have I committed to a controlled experimentation?

- How many hours of investigation have I invested?

- How well do I pay attention to both internal and external factors?

- Are there explanations/answers I'm unwilling to accept?


- Outline the obvious symptoms, outcomes, factors, pieces of the puzzle (In a journal or digital notebook with sub-folders)

- Fill in/note the detail elements

- Keep notes (with dates) of your observations

- Keep a detailed working timeline (to later study)

- Ask thoughtful questions about each symptom, outcome, factor and detail

- Research and investigate the above items

- Copy reference links/titles/sources into notes for tracking

- Investigate your references

- Re-evaluate


- What are the symptoms/outcomes others and myself are seeing?

- What are the internal and external factors?

- What is the context?

- Are there recurring patterns/variables?

- What efforts have already been made to resolve the problem?

- Who are the people involved?

- Is there something being concealed, overlooked or not discussed?


- Outline the steps that must be taken to reach the optimum resolution

- Communicate clearly with those necessary

- Follow-through on your commitments in a timely manner

- Model the role/behavior you are responsible for upholding

- Hold others accountable for their roles and responsibilities

- Award recognition to those that are showing discipline, integrity and follow-through (including yourself)

a winter macro set, including a self portrait, EXPLORing overlooked details at the surface of all things.

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